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A cooperative approach.

When I was hired by D-Force Audio Video to create a logo for their brand new audio tech company, they mentioned that they worked closely with Chesapeake Systems Services, which specialized in alarm installation and monitoring. The challenge was that they were often on site together. CSS was in need of a re-branding due to some changes in their business.


The two businesses pooled their marketing budgets and hired me jointly to create and execute a comprehensive marketing plan with corresponding branding colors. The statement included uniform shirts for staff, a capabilities presentation folder with stepped pages for each with two versions each to cover a business and a residential focus, as well as business stationery, websites and collateral tools for individual sales efforts. I designed the company vehicles for each business. They jointly participated in a design center, which included internal display signs, banners and wall mounted graphics. some of which I installed myself! 


I provided numerous mailers, ads, marketing specialty items and door tags to further assist their individual sales efforts.


In 2013, D-Force rebranded under the name Doggett & Co. They rehired me to execute the revised brand identity. 

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